With each new collection, when choosing the leather, our top priority remains the leather. It prevails on trends and the choice of colors. This season Neuville uses a lot of different types of leather for his collection.


Leather moves, brands and evolves. Hereby, minor irregularities in the leather can occur. This is normal and no error in the production but a natural phenomenon, because leather is still a natural material.

The leather of Neuville is pretreated. This means that Neuville bags require no sealing and no regular treatment. They evolve over time. However, there are some tips in order to prevent traces of wear.

We recommend avoiding prolonged contact with water, sun and rough textiles (an light handbag can not stand much contact with dark jeans). If your bag is stained, it is preferable to use colorless products designed for leather. There are cheaper alternatives : cotton lightly moistened cleansing milk or baby wipes may as well remove the stain on the leater*. Avoid, however, to do this on a white bag.

Also avoid using colored polishes as they may rub off on your clothes.

Nubuck requires more care than tanned leather. He resents friction and water. If your bag is stained, try to ‘dilute’ the stain by gently rubbing a white gum on it. If your bag has a clear color, you can use a fine-grained sandpaper. This should be done carefully ! A sued bruch or a brush with soft bristles can also do the trick.

Leather bags get more often damaged when they are not worn. When they are drained and squeezed into a closet. Therefore we recommend our clients, for better preservation, to fill the bags with newspapers. The paper will absorb the moisture and allow the bag to hold its schape. This prevents unpleasant odors and irreparable folds. Also remember to protect the bag with the cover Neuville provided with your purchase. This way your bag will remain protected against scratches and dust.


However, if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at this address : marketing@neuvillebags.com


*We recommend that you always test your chosen cleaning product on a small inconspicuous part of the bag, for example, the inside of the handle of the bag.


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